More than one way to use you Bubblegum Backdrop!

Bubblegum Backdrops are a cost effective way to add some pizzazz to your photos in more than one setting!

Our backdrops are used by everyone from professional photographers to the everyday stay-at-home mom!

Our backdrops can easily be assembled on a stand or taped to a wall to create a simple background for your photos!


Place your Bubblegum Backdrop on a hard surface to completely change the look of your flooring! We recommend using a real baseboard/molding from your local hardware store to get the most realistic look.


Bubblegum Backdrops are a great way to tie in the theme of any event! They also make for great memories!


Bubblegum Backdrops offers all the accessories to create a free standing background for all kinds of events such as Red Carpet events, Weddings and more!



We LOVE coming up with custom backdrops that create a background geared to your particular products! What better way to create a visual for your customers than with the perfect backdrop?!


The materials we use are versatile and durable. We can work with you on create finishing options to help hang the backdrops for whatever needs you have. We can print any size and specialize in large backdrops, great for stage backgrounds and more!


Got ideas or requests for custom backdrops? Let us know and we’ll work together to make your event a memorable one!


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